Solarology: Solar and Storage Estimating Consultants

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Solarology was formed in the fall of 2019 by David Odell and Ivan Dunlap. With over 23 years of combined experience in the solar field, they have led the industry in the solar estimating arena. Together they have created sophisticated estimating tools (MOSO) and have a depth of understanding of the solar industry to understand any solar configuration, challenge or opportunity.

MOSO rapidly provides detailed costs across varying sizes/designs/markets. MOSO allows for: fast results, large volume, custom formatting, full detail for any solar estimation.


  • 23+ years of estimating solar
  • Skilled in construction management, software design/development/analytics
  • Solar Development and EPC
  • 100+ Gigawatts of solar estimated and counting


  • Fast results
  • Large volume
  • Custom formatting
  • Full detail
  • Push pin on a map to full IFC set estimates
  • What-if analysis
  • Optimization
  • Value Engineering

Our clients:

  • Developers
  • EPCs
  • Utilities
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Lender/Investor/Banker/Financier
  • Insurance Companies

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Estimating (Solar and Storage)

  • Indicative Pricing
  • Any stage of the project (pushpin to IFCs)
  • Custom breakdown of EPC costs
  • Bid Forms
  • Re-powering
  • Take-offs
  • New market analysis
  • Vendor/Sub quotes


  • Design Optimization
  • Conceptual Layouts/Designs
  • Value Engineer
  • Production Estimates


  • New product evaluation
  • RFP Management
  • Bid/Scope RFP Response Review/Analysis
  • Historical project data analysis
  • Analyze current estimating processes
  • Create custom excel/database applications

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